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Replacement Double Glazed Units?

Replacement double glazed units! When considering the right time for the work there are a few things to bare in mind. In most case’s it can be more affordable to replace the double glazing than you think!

How to tell if you need your double glazed unit replaced?

Is water leaking through the frame?

Are you finding condensation between the panes?

Can you see cracks or chips in the glass?

Is there a draught flowing through the frames?

If you are experiencing any or all of the above then it is likely you have a blown window. replacement double glazed unit

What is a blown window?

A blown window occurs when a gap is created between glass panes. Therefore allowing moisture to come through creating constant fogging. This will need to be replaced as soon as possible as it is no longer energy-efficient. This does not provide the insulation that your home needs.

As a result of a blown window, there are several problems that could occur. Here are the top 3 problems that a blown window causes;

  1. Condensation build-up

Condensation build-up is a clear sign your window is blown. A damaged window will allow moisture through, simultaneously this will allow further problems to arise such as damp, rot, and mould. Condensation is likely to build up not only on the outside of the unit but the inside too.

  1. Heat loss/ Lack of Insulation

90% of unit replacement takes place in the winter, and this is because the homeowner can significantly notice the loss in heat within the home. So even though your windows might have been blown during the summer. The draughts that are created in colder temperatures are more noticeable around the home during the winter months. Heat loss through blown windows do not only cause draughts but will also have a negative impact on your enegry bills.

  1. Reduced Natural Light

The reduced natural light on a blown unit is not only caused by the condensation but also a foggy effect left within the glass unit, much like the image below. This can cause a once light, bright, and airy room to result in a dark dingy, and damp area of the home.


Replacement double glazed


To prevent this issue from occurring we would recommend you get advice from a local window glazing company that can give you professional guidance on what to do next.


Prevents Damps

Replacing a blown window with a new double glazed unit will eliminate the production of damp inside and outside your home as condensation is less likely to occur on a fully insulated double glazed window unit.

Lowers utility bills

The most effective time to have your units replaced is during the autumn and winter periods as this is the most important time of year to have your home fully insulated. With blown window’s heat can easily escape from the home and be replaced by cold air invading in. With replacement double glazed units you are able to prevent heat loss within the home and keep the cold air out.

Noise pollution

Blown window units not only let cold air in but increased the noise pollution within your home. With a replacement unit you can reduce the noise pollution to a minimum.

The Cost of Replacement Double Glazed Units

If your window frames are still in good condition and it is only the double glazing unit that needs replacing, then you might be surprised at how inexpensive the window repair may be as you will only need to replace the glazed units.

On average replacing a double glazed unit rather than the whole window saves the property owner around 70%

For example, if we take this window

Cost to replace the Double Glazed Window: £679

Cost to replace the Double Glazed Unit: £199

Replacing double glazed units is a task best undertaken by a professional glazer we would not recommend a DIY job unless you have had plenty of previous experience.

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What sealant to use around windows?

what sealant to use around Upvc windows Silicones which are premium quality usually the best place to start LM-Low Modulus sealants with a natural cure. Things to look for Fast skinning times speedy cure timings 100% silicone-based with a thick body minimal. Zero shrinking multiple material application such as wood glass metal masonry substrate flexibility is a key factor also.

(what sealants to use around windows) Sealants that are resistant, UV resistant rain & snow, cold & hot temperatures finding the correct sealant for the job isn’t as simple as it sounds which many aspects that play a part. with plenty of silicone. Choose from its never as simple as it 1st seems plenty of brands to take into consideration. A lot of them are not fit for a professional Application Here at The Window Glazing Company we pride ourselves on getting the job done right first time. Therefore we only use the industrial-strength.

we have found Soudal & wuirth are the brands we can rely on & have never let us down. Even to those with a fine eye to detail light oak Chartwell green rosewood. Stay white silicones for bathroom and kitchens.

Where to use silicone on a window?

If it is a bathroom or sometimes in kitchens depending on the location of the Double glazing in question.

Using silicone one the external’s allows for a long-lasting flexible finish like no other sealant, (what sealants to use around windows) Silicone A-rated or A + rated sealants has the durability to last the time & tests off the outdoor weathers with current winds and rainfalls at a high in the south-west of Devon now has never been a better time to touch base on this subject silicone can be used in place during a window installation to allow maxim chances to eliminate any type of water ingression.

Transparent clear silicone is highly advised in this type of situation taking away the colour pigment in the polymer. Therefore, allows for a stronger more flexible seal ideal for sealing up the chambers throughout the cill. Bedding down you new window cill on to the house masonry. Transparent silicones are brilliant for back sealing trims to walls. This creates a multi-layer seal if anything was to happen with the seal to the house wall. Trim water would not make it past the backup sealant line make water ingression.

Decorators chalk & acyclic sealants?

We know no that Dec Chalk also know as the acyclic sealant is the go-to sealant. When finishing inside with a polymer. Which is acyclic based filler or sealants has plenty of benefits. The solve free acyclic based allows for virtually an odourless aroma. It’s easy to apply colourfast & waterproof once the application is dried. Outstanding adhesion to even the porous of surfaces.

Decorators caulk commonly applied to fill external or internal. Pvc trim to internal house wall the finish is one of a kind. (What sealants to use around windows?) no more yellow looking silicones inside off white colours snotty finishes. Applying decorating chalk to the inside stays white is last long can be easily painted over sanded down.

U PVC Gap Filler sealants?

Pvc resins Gap fillers is a one-part filler which is solvent-based Low slumming Once the product has cured it is odourless & can be sanded down or sawn highly flexible, Resistant to indoor & outdoor elements and most household chemicals. Application, sealing filling bonding of uPVC products such as windows, doors, Upvc boards all varieties of trims cladding even PVC guttering systems.

Drainage systems, plastic roof sheeting including general repairs. gap filler sealants are supplier in almost every Upvc colour, Transparent gap filler can also be used as adhesives, therefore, allowing a clean strong & flexible stick to most materials.

uPVC resin fillers in some cases have been used to repair screw holes & damaged profile once the application is cured it can be sanded polished up for an outstanding finish on most repairs.

What is active glass silicone?

We have put our faith into soudals hands. with this sealant SMX205 glass active, high bonding excellent adhesion to most surfaces. ecological advantages due to it having a solvent-free based without any halogens & is free from isocyanates. the flexible elasticated body can be puttied in with tools colour stable UV protection SMX 205 can be painted with most water-based paints.

Although it advised you try it on a sample piece before doing so such a well-rounded sealants tradesman sometime used this product over the usual run of the mill silicones just to install the extra bit on confidence in there work.

What is the best sealants for kitchens & Bathrooms?

Area of high humidity such as kitchens areas washrooms bathrooms. Stay fresh sealants come into a league of there own when it comes to living spaces which suffer from high levels of humidity. Traditional silicone just doesn’t cut the mustard. (What sealants to use around windows?) in fact, they are more known for taking on a mustard colour.

Bad quality polymer became very popular. Due to the inexpensive yet flexible properties. Homeowners have found a way around this. Using a household product such as bleach, vinegar, saltwater, bicarbonated powers usually applied via a toothbrush.

We are glad to say this will become a thing of the past and going forward we now know that Stay fresh sealants. leaving you with a for an everlasting fresh pigment that will not fade or split stay fresh bathroom sealant have allowed for a permanent end to the frustrations. The Mould is gone, Fungus No chance, Zero discolouration, No issues on Adhesion, Odour free.

Sealing around windows, door frames, vents, skirting boards.

wood, PVCu, aluminium, Sealing around baths, shower trays.

ceramic, enamelled steel, laminated wood, resin stone. cast stone, reinforced acrylic sheet.

Sealing around toilets, urinals, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel. Sealing around sinks, washbowls and basins, stainless steel.

porcelain, plastics, concrete, wood, stone, copper and glass.

Sealing around bathroom furniture, kitchen areas.