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Conservatories designed for you

At The Window Glazing Company we are proud to offer a wide range of conservatories solutions. For instance, our UPVC Conservatories are available in a wide range of colours and Glazing Styles. What’s more, we offer over 6 Styles of roofs to suite any home or project. Not only do our conservatories look good, but they have plenty of advantages when it comes to adding space to your home.


Design Bespoke



Solid Roofs

Are you feeling a little bit tight for space at home? Well, let us explain, there is nothing quite like are bespoke made to measure Solid Roof Conservatory. Whether you are just looking to add a small space to your home or needing planning permission to create a big structure. We have plenty of Solid Roof Systems to choose from.LEARN MORE »

Lean To

Lean-to roofs very commonly found down tight access routes or in the back of gardens. This product is the most basic package we have to offer be it just as efficient as the rest. When we say in other words it not really that basic when you take in the factor of the base work it made stand and look well but unless you have a solid foundation then the job would be a waste of time Building work will the same and any other conservatory system.LEARN MORE »


Our Edwardian Conservatory is more of a simple design but does not be misguided as in the case of Edwardian systems simplistic character is what really sets the mood of this beautiful design. Slotting in like it was never there very simply the Edwardian roof system was designed as a square a rectangle shape. However, the roof would still be a pitch to ensure room and space was not compromised. In conclusion, we have found a lot of people feel it’s bigger inside because of the simple yet effected roof design.LEARN MORE »


Our Victorian Conservatory option is one of the most popular designs. As it suits all styles of home and house weather its a cottage property type or even a new build whether you live in a city or out in a local village. Therefore this product usually comes in either a three facet or five facets. Whether you opt for full-height glass or a Dwarf walling, we have found this product very versatile.LEARN MORE »


Orangeries have been know in later times for signs of prestige status was a huge symbol for wealth with fine distinguished form. They really stood in the ground as a statement to others. In fact, back when it was becoming extremely popular in the 18th century, they typically contained single glazed lead units. As time went on, it was clear there was a design fault. In conclusion, now in the 21st century, our bespoke systems are built to last.LEARN MORE »

Home Air Conditioning

Our Home Air conditioning Wall mounts are becoming extremely popular across Torquay & Devon area. Here at The Window Glazing Company, we are proud to say we have now started an Air conditioning department. Therefore we can have a single phase Air conditioning unit installed in any which room your heart desires.LEARN MORE »

Choosing the right Conservatories in Torbay

Choosing the right conservatory system has never been more important. That’s why at The Window Glazing Company we take your ideas and design a perfectly suited Conservatory, to your exact needs and specificaition. In, addition, there are many things to think about when designing and building a conservatory, we recommend using one of our expert surveyors.

Not only will he explain all you need to know about building regulations but also how the job will be carried out. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have and help every step of the way in choosing the right options for you.

The Window Glazing Company Torquay will make everything simple for you, from design to aftercare. Contact us today to find out more.

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We offer an extensive range of high performance Double Glazed Windows. Not only do these Windows look great but they provide exceptional levels of security and energy efficiency.LEARN MORE »

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The Window Glazing Company offers a wide range of Door options. Our Doors look fantastic and can be customised in a range of colours and glazing styles. Not to mention, our doors don’t just look great but are secure and durable through the seasons.LEARN MORE »

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