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Conservatory Rooms

Here at The Window Glazing Company we’ve been Enhancing conservatory rooms since we started working in the local area of Torbay. In Addition to local glazed conservatories we also have a  wide range of Tiled roof systems that have been pre-approved for installation. The very few cases were by planing is needed and 9/10. It has been deemed quite difficult to predict conservatory rooms prices. From are recorded taken over the past few years. We have found the general guide line is around. £5,000-20,000 as you can see this is not a Great guideline. The most accurate way for a hassle free estimate would be to email us your base plans and designs. We will be able to get you a quote within a short space of time. 

Conservatory Rooms Styles

Double Glazing in Torquay

Your new Conservatory rooms will allow a lot more floor space for use of living. How much space you want is really down to the homeowner and there preference. Our PVC conservatory are universal in frame design and roof options. It’s something that will take a very small amount of planning when appointed the right professionals. Here at The Window Glazing Company have highly skilled and trained surveyors. All quotes and designs are free and fixed for 6 months. Above all Our systems come with an option for Home Air Conditioning Units inside your conservatory. 

Victorian Conservatory

Conservatory Rooms

Our Victorian Conservatory option is one of the most popular designs. As it suits all styles of home and house weather its a cottage property type or even a new build weather you live in a city or out in a local village. Therefor this product usually comes in either a three facet or five facet. Weather you opt for full height glass or a Dwarf walling, we have found this product very versatile. similarly the the option of face style there is just as much to think about with the roof. Do you want internal blinds into your glazing? or maybe your just going for the casual external roof glazing blinds. Have you thought about Roof vent maybe you would like like them Manuel or even electric? We can help, Call today 01803446043.

Edwardian Conservatory

Conservatory Rooms

Our Edwardian Conservatory is more of a simply design but do not be misguided as in the case of Edwardian systems simplistic character is what really set the mood of with this beautiful design. Slotting in like it was never there very simply the Edwardian roof system was design as a square a rectangle shape. However the roof would still be pitch to ensure room and space was not compromised. In conclusion we have found a lot of people feel its bigger in side because of the simply yet effected roof design.

Lean To Conservatory Rooms

Conservatory Room

Lean to roofs very commonly found down tight access route or in the back of gardens. This product is the most basic package we have to offer be it just as efficient as the rest. Went we say basic it not real that basic when you take in the factor of the base work it made stand and look well but inless you have a soild foundation then the job would be a waste of time Building work will the same and any other conservatory system. 

P Shape Conservatory Rooms

Conservatory rooms

P Shape Conservatory Are for the more trick types of buildings. Ideally suited for the older type of home, such as, small villages and stone cob homes. Valleys in the P-Shape system due to the design off the roof it requires and valley gutter system to take the water directly into the gutter housing. This product is designed for the larger detached home. In fact, they share a hybrid roof system made up from a lean to style, Victorian or Edwardian shapes. All mixed in together to form the maximum stretch of some of these huge property’s located through out our beautiful country side.