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Self Cleaning glass

Activ’s blue Glass has been a saving grace in terms of conservatory Roofs. along Activ’s has some of the most up to date technology applied to the glass in a special coating which allows for adherence of the inorganic dirt.

3D Design

Our designs offer the customer a visual 3d plan on how your conservatory will appear.

Edwardian Homes

The style of an original Edwardian home such a eye-catching design usually with plenty of space area the perimeter, allowing Room for a conservatory to match your existing roof.

Solid roof option

alongside the typically glazed roof Edwardian conservatory, we now have the option to form a completely solid roof includes PVC tiles slate nd other clad materials to enhance your living space.

Edwardian Glazing

Plenty of glazing designs roof glass, astral bars Georgina bar carries an Edwardian look comes quite recommend to set the date of your build.

The Edwardian Designs

The solid roof Edwardian style is a special design that is taking the market by storm allowing the customer to turn the polycarbonate roofs into actually living space which stays a livable temperature all year round.

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Edwardian Range!

Our Edwardian Conservatory is more of a simple design but do not be misguided in the case of Edwardian systems simplistic character is what really set the mood with this beautiful design. Slotting in like it was never there very simply the Edwardian roof system was design as a square a rectangle shape. However the roof would still be pitch to ensure room & space is not compromised. In conclusion we have found a lot of people feel its bigger in side because of the simply yet effected roof design.