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Self Cleaning glass

Activ’s blue Glass has been a saving grace in terms of conservatory Roofs. along Activ’s has some of the most up to date technology applied to the glass in a special coating which allows for adherence of the inorganic dirt.

The Lean-To

Simple design yet such a effected why to create living space storage space even an office space.

3D Design

Our designs offer the customer a visual 3d plan on how your Lean-To conservatory will appear.

Lean-To Roof Glazing

Lean-to installation roof glazing option. Maybe you would like to upgrade for a soild roof design.
Lean-to Roofs

Lean-to Conservatory very commonly found down tight access routes in the back of gardens. This product is the most basic package we have to offer be it just as efficient as the rest.

Went we say basically it not really that basic when you take in the factor of the base work it made stand and look well but unless you have a solid foundation then the job would be a waste of time Building work will the same and any other conservatory system.

Monotonectally morph scalable process improvements after just in time intellectual capital. Collaboratively incentivize value-added benefits before flexible synergy. Efficiently.

Our Roof Glazing Torbay based company powered by pride.

Are you Lacking comfortable in your conservatory? Do you think it’s about time you took a look and the New Equinox solid roof conservatory?

Do you have an existing conservatory installed a few years ago, or you moved into a house with a glass roof conservatory? You may well have found it’s not the ideal sun lounge you were expecting.

Why? Because as many people have discovered a glass conservatory roof or even a polycarbonate one. Therefore most cases are very good at letting heat in when the sun’s shining.

It’s just as good at letting heat out when it’s cold. As a result the summer sun rapidly builds up the temperature inside your conservatory. Until it’s too hot to enjoy in comfort.

While in the winter you simply can’t keep your conservatory warm however high you turn the heating. Most heat disappears through those thin conservatory roof panels.