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Orangeries - What's so special?

Orangeries have been known in later times as a sign of prestige status or distinguished wealth; they really stood out as a statement to others. In fact, when they were becoming very popular in the 17th century, they typically contained single glazed lead units. As time has gone on, the industry has designed bespoke systems so we can build Orangeries that last.

A range of benefits

Now we are in the 21st century and the times have changed. Over the last decade, the Architectural Engineers have developed a masterpiece to which we call Orangeries. The Structure of an Orangerie is typically made up of huge pillars of either steel or brick. Not only does this create a brilliant finish but gives great structural strength to the Orangeries.

One of the main Pros of this building style is the huge opening side or multiple sides. This space can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are a garden hobbyist or wanting a party room to adapt your garden living space, an Orangerie may be the choice for you.

Above all, you have a perfectly suited space for friends and family. Although you may want to keep the doors closed in the Winter, this is not a problem, these Orangeries are not only perfect for the summer days but the Winter too.