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Why do you need a Solid Roof Conservatory?

Are you feeling a little bit tight for space at home? or you want to keep the winter warmer and the summer cooler?

Well let us explain, there really is nothing like a bespoke made to measure Solid Roof Conservatory.

solid roof conservatory

What makes a Solid Roof Conservatory so special?

Weather you are just looking to add some extra space or transform your home, we have a great selection of Solid Roof Conservatory Systems. Not to mention, a wide range of Conservatory Systems that all work with our Roofing Systems. Choose from Lean to, Edwardian, Victorian, Orangeries and more!

Being a local Company we are able to work with a range of manufacturing companies across Torbay & Devon. This not only allows us to shop around for the best deals but also helps us to meet your price range. Whether you have a small or large budget, we have conservatory enhancements to meet all needs and specifications.

The traditional Glazed or Poly-Carbonate Roof system are good in certain situations but a Solid Roof is like no other. For example, Equinox Roof, Cosy Roof, Ultra-Frame Roofs and Supa-Lite Roofs are taking over the market. In addition to looking great, a Solid Roof adds up to 15 times more thermal efficiency than that of its Glazed counterpart.

solid roof conservatory
solid roof conservatory eqiuinox

Equinox - Solid Roof Conservatory

Are you lacking comfort in your Conservatory? We think it’s about time you take a look at the new Equinox Solid roof Conservatory.

If you have had a conservatory installed in the past few years or have moved into a house with a glass roof Conservatory. Then you may have found that it’s not the ideal sun lounge you were expecting. This is because Glass is great for letting the heat in until it is too hot to enjoy in comfort! Then you may find in the Winter the heat won’t stay in no matter how high you turn the heating up!

An Equinox Solid Roof can solve all of your problems, allowing you to use your space all year around.

Ultra Frame - Solid Roof Conservatory

Ultra Frame replacement Solid Roof is a great way to enhance your space. You will be able to bring your Conservatory up to date and add value to your home.

Whether you are looking for a thermally efficient Glass roof to let the light flood in. A mix of both glass & Tiles or a lightweight Solid Roof Conservatory for a more traditional finish. Our range will reward you with a beautiful light room which you can use all year round. Not to mention, our range is a result of years of research and development by securing the latest standards of performance, appearance and durability.

Internally our replacement Solid Roof Conservatory are stunning. They can deliver a magnificent vaulted ceiling and incorporate an internal pelmet around the perimeter. Therefore this give you the option of having lights installed – your new room will look and perform like a natural extension on your home.

We offer to hang or insert lights on the ridge of the Roof but if a vaulted ceiling isn’t for you we have options for all. We can create a suspended ceiling allowing you to continue the height from an adjoining room to create a cosier atmosphere.

solid roof conservatory ultra frame
solid roof conservatory supalite

SupaLite - Solid Roof Conservatory

We are proud to offer the ultimate option when it comes to Solid Roof Conservatory Systems. The SupaLite tiled extension roof is functional, practical and attractive all year-round living space; adding value to your property among other benefits.

The beautiful and innovate tiled extension roof from SupaLite won’t disappoint. You’ll be able to use your extension as a comfortable space, perfect for entertaining, as a playroom or a home office. Whatever your reason, you want to find a roof that will frame your conservatory, offering adequate protection whilst looking amazing.

We can transform all types of living spaces, from extensions to Conservatories and Orangeries in the area of Torquay & Devon. SupaLite tiled roof systems undergo thorough testing and are subject to extensive research – producing a compliant, resilient product which is compatible with all roof styles.

The lightweight Aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles are tailored to your existing Conservatory frame and provide you with a welcoming living space. Call Today to get your free quote.