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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing has been knowing to offer up to 40% more thermal efficiency than a Double Glazed A-rated PVCU Window. Not to mention, Triple Glazed Doors will further enable you to reduce those silly cold spots in your home.

The Latest Flush Fitting Windows

Flush Fitting casement windows; an Elegant window range with some sleek slimline design and a flush-fitting window sash. First, this product is one to factor into your budget when you’re looking at replacing your old Pvc windows. Not to mention, aesthetically pleasing on the eye and smooth and easy to operate. So why not take advantage of the evolution of window designs. Secondly, Flush Fitting Windows Have been developed based on the more traditional look and design of an old-style window in the period of time where cottages homes were very popular. Lastly, becoming more common for the newer style homes really give a crisp clean finish. As well as, making the new home look more bespoke with plenty of design styles & more.



Quick Quotes

Double Glazed Windows, We are a Torquay based company, we pride ourselves in all aspects of works including delivering fast and affordable double glazing quotes. Contact us today and we will get a friendly member of the team sent out to you for a free no obligation Quote.

Double Glazing installers

As well as an extensive product range we are also proud to boast expert and professional installers who take pride in the work they do.

When we visit your home, we are there to survey, offer helpful advice, We do not push sales. We use our own experience, from the industry to personally help you create your perfect home improvements.

U-PVC Glazing

Due to there being so many designs and glazing options the windows have now falling into a category of there own typically now as Georgian windows, Tudor windows, Feature windows, Traditional Windows,  Astral Bar Windows.

Timber Glazing

Timber Windows with double glazing our timber windows are handcrafted using high-grade timber which has a long life stain/lacker therefore given the product a much longer life perfectly suited for the listed building in and around the area of Torquay.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Our Double Glazed Windows offer 60 & 70mm Chamfered systems, Fully sculptured 70mm casement range. Pre-applied gaskets for ease of installation High security and durable hardware include Yale locking systems.
With a wide range of colours, styles & glass options available A-rated energy efficient Units.

10 Year Product Guarantee against warping cracking and discoloration. Not to mention, everything we do meets only the highest of industry standards. As well as, an extensive range of double glazing options across our casement windows. Therefore giving you even more opportunity to design a home that suits you.

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Aluminium Double Glazed Windows

Aluminium Products Here at The Window Glazing Company we offer a wide range of styles & designs, Our Ally Products manufactured locally A+ Rated Glass & Glazing.

We advise our Customers to use Ally Products and profiles in certain situations, as time has gone on we have learned to understand Homeowners are enjoying some of the stunning opening and apertures We have in Our Homes today.

Therefore In cases, Garden Rooms & larger opening of the property are much better suited with this type of material. PVC is great and offers very similarly U-values can easily take the load of weighted Glazed units. We find in some cases we advise aluminium for the extra lifespan. Such as, being such a robust material we feel its more suited.

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Timber Double Glazed Windows

Timber Windows have bespoke ways of being easier to manipulate. Therefore we are able to achieve those decorated bowed arched windows sharing a similar look to a porthole window.We have come to realise this is by far the better finish in some cases.

Timber Doors also Look stunning and truly set a statement to the rest of the village or town you live in.Here at the Window Glazing Company we are very passionate about the Timber we use and the way it’s handled.

Installing highly specified real wood Windows & Doors requires a craftsman to work with the upmost respect and care right throughout the complete process.

All of our products have such a wide range of furniture options. With plenty of RAL colours to use from with a similar sealant to eliminate any chances for water ingression.

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Double Glazed Windows Torquay

1. How does Double Glazing Work? Be in the Know.

Double glazing uses two panes of glass separated by a layer of argon gas compressed & sealed together using a butane mastic to form a sealed unit. Therefore keeping your home more energy-efficient which also reduces sound.

Completely reinvent intermandated initiatives through vertical innovation. Efficiently fashion sustainable architectures before functionalized portals. Conveniently morph market.

We install all our Glazed units with great care, evenly spreading the load on the correct size packers. This allows weight load to spread evening allowing your product to live long with low maintenance.

2. Double Glazed Windows Presale Questions? Knowledge is Power.

Certass Certification has been structured to offer the very best value, keeping a close scope on all projects that run under there Group & Guideless. Covering your building fabric certification. Competent person’s schemes including workmanship standard schemes. Certass Certification provides the consumer confidence in our brand.



Certass certification schemes have now been put into place, designed to ensure the consumer is protected from many angles. Building fabric, competent persons, workmanship standard schemes.

All of us 

As we battle against the Frontline, We work hard to ensure you get the services provided by the higher powers we Aim to deliver the promise they cant not deliver with a professional standard of workmanship a Range of Pvc profiles like no other.

Firstly we are fully backed by Certass. Secondly, Our Installers Are a very friendly team who will go that extra mile as a company. Thirdly, we put all our Installers through vigorous training programs to ensure that above all Your home installation goes smoothly and professionally.

3. Double Glazed Windows After Sale Questions? After care and support.

We offer a package like no other when it comes to aftercare. Above all, here at The Window Glazing Company, we try are upmost in all departments to progress and provide the customers with a great after service package.

Double Glazed Windows Torquay

Dedicated team of friendly individuals.

Helping us provide you! Deliver a smooth service you deserve!