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Roofline - Why choose us?

The Window Glazing Company are here to help, we specialise in all types of Home Improvements. Our experienced team of surveyors and installers are on standby to give your home the perfect face-lift.

If you are thinking of having Roofline work done, we recommend weighing up your options. A lot of home owners think it's ideal to install your new Roofline boards over the old. While this can be done we highly recommend against it. Not only will you just be covering up rotten materials but you can expect the new Roofline to fail. For an effective installation the surveyor will check for:

Are the Soffit boards ventilated (via spot vent or strip vent).

The type of tile that is on the roof.

What Condition is the 1st 500m of your roof felt.

The type of materials that are present.

Asbestos checks (cladding over the top of asbestos is something that cannot be done by us)

Roofline Installation Torquay

As the preffered professional choise to tackle Fascia, Soffit, Gutter and Cladding replacement jobs; we advise our customers the full removal of old materials.
Here are some of the things we will do to tackle this:

Carefully remove the 1st coarse of tiles (roof slates stay in situ).

Cautiously remove the fascia board away from roof rafters (same applies to soffit).

Clean-up work area (including the eves of the property).

Cut new timbers for secondary plumb base & face to install to (not one roofline is true & squre due to movement in propertys).

Cut new soffits and install to new timber fixings (followed by the installation of the fascia board).

Correct the flow on the guttering system, fixng distances and falls (all to meet regulations via Plumbers string line).

Roofline Fascia Board

Order your new Roofline

All Roofline orders come with an eves tray protection system. In addition to helping the water find the gutter, this system adds stength and protection to your roof. Not to mention this also keeps weather from blowing back up the tile system. Contact us today to arrange a free quote: 01803446043