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Felt & battern

installing 2×1 timbers helps give you a quality fixing point lining out the timber in a way that makes the install rum smoothly and professional, covering the 2×1 with a felt membrane let you house wall breathe and keep clear of any contact both water ingression which stops any future damp problems.

Hidden fixings

Cladding can look treble in some cases where the isn’t adequate fixings position which does give the finished effect which locals don’t like. We insure all foxing are fitted with s system we call secret nailing this allows the cladding to site with a sleek finish making it look like it is a part of the home.

Starter trims & joining trims

When it comes to Cladding projects that are oversized we use a tidy joint, the starter trim allows an emergency drainage system as a back up in case of extreme unforeseen weather which really pushes the limits of cladding products on the odd day where rain and string wind combined you may get a small blowback of water ingression this allows the water to travel down the membrane and down the drainage route


simple but effected. No fascia replacement job would be quite the same effect without the faithful Polypin these fixing come in 30mm and 45mm for soffit pins and 50mm 65mm of fixing fascias boards. Colours matches threw out the range sets of any board type, pin lines are advised on the depth of board some boards that are oversized will need to be double pinned throw out the install it ensures for a solid fixing.

Cladding Specialist

Composite Cladding has been taking the market by storm, such a wide range of colour and grain to chose from in understandable why customers take their time with choosing this product. The textures make it a little easier to choose the perfect option for your home. Material is made from very durable low maintenance profile which makes life much easier.

UPVC Cladding is most commonly using in oversized soffit bay window surround inside porches some in some case fixed face on to the property very easily cleaned and maintained the PVC cladding is a different systle to the composite cladding but no the less has a suitable place for a most home in and around the local area of Torbay.

Timber Cladding was very rarely used from the 80s up to now due to the life span on the older types of timber cladding projects, nowadays we have learn that all to take it the correct treatment produced alongside the correct paint & lackers we can now confidently begin to sale Are bespoke timber range

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