Window & Doors replacement

Windows and Doors Replacement.

Windows and doors replacement, we have installed a new PVC-U at a local property in South hams. So we meet the lovely Ms. Snell through Mr & Mrs. Peace. She was looking to have all her windows and doors replaced for her beautiful new home.

After popping round to the property for the initial survey, we then went back to take final measurements and design preferences ready for a final order.

georgian bar window replacement

Things to consider when replacing windows.

When planning to replace your windows, it’s good to know that from the initial quote to install it is roughly 1-3 months. Depending on the size and design of the installation. We find typically some customers like to take around a month from the first point of contact to ordering. This allows the customer time to consider their design preferences and costings.  From there it is then usually a 4 – 8 week wait on the product production. Weighing up the costs of your quotes alongside the savings that can be made on your energy bills. When replacing all your windows & doors throughout the entire property. This allows for a complete vacuum to your home. This is why sometimes it is recommended to replace more than one Window. Normally when the windows & doors in your home need replacing due to being an original install or a replacement PVC window install.


If one fails the rest is usually not far behind. Replacing a window 1 by 1 can easily be done but sometimes it’s not cost-effective for the company or the homeowner. In some cases, a replacement window or 2 can be warranted in situations, whereby the windows have failed due to a bad install. The reasons behind changing 1 window in stages are that the other windows & doors in the property will still be losing efficiency.


Mrs. Snell Knew this was the case before purchasing the property in Totnes which led her to replace All of her windows & doors at the same time. Not only did this keep the cost down for her & us she then achieved lot better U-values with her new Pvc casement windows composite front door.

Installing the New Windows and Doors 

We were excited to get this job started. We wanted to make sure Barbara was in her new home just in time for Christmas. This was a newly purchased property in the breathtaking area for Totnes. From the 1st appointment right through to completion of install.

This customer handled everything with such ease. It was refreshing to see such an upbeat lady. In the midst of moving home whilst getting developments & Home improvements installed. Nothing that she didn’t take in her stride We like to believe Our smooth professional services help this matter.


Once we had received all the products it was time to take on the installation of the new windows and doors. the old frames were the original windows that had been install during the build of the property. In most cases, this can be a difficult removal with the old double glazed vertical sliding windows. which were coming out were fixed into the second skin in the house wall with Fixing straps then plastered over. Sounds I nightmare right? Well, lucky for us our installing Team has had a lot of experience. With the current tools on the market today we were able to remove every frame without any damage to the internal or external revels.


Barbara went for this lovely Ludlow Composite Solidor in Green with an Urn Knocker, Oceanic Glass, and Chrome Furniture. I think we were just as excited to see the door in as was the client. 


Working with people like Barbara is an absolute pleasure.